Industrial maintenance training: the key to increased productivity

Your maintenance team provides the primary line of defense against machine downtime. Their electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic troubleshooting capabilities often determines if product volumes are at or below plant production goal.

Establishing and retaining an elite team of maintenance professionals is essential for your plant to meet defined performance objectives.

However, today’s maintenance workforce is aging. Technicians are actively retiring from the industry, taking with them technical skills and knowledge that took decades to develop. Equally capable replacements are scarce as a generation of young people are choosing a different career path.

On top of this, manufacturing technology grows more complex by the day. Robotics, PLC’s, drives, and multi-phase motors are standard in most facilities.  How do you elevate your team’s skill set to meet the needs of modern manufacturing?

ATS SkillPoint Technical Training Program

Experienced job seekers for your maintenance department are scarce to nonexistent in many demographics.  ATS recommends employers strategically invest in technical training to reclaim control of your future machine support.  By developing a smart maintenance training program with the help of ATS’ SkillPoint Technical Training, you can increase the competencies and job satisfaction for both your incumbent workforce and new hires.