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Technical Training

A Valuable Investment In Your People

ATS can do a technical assessment of your team to baseline their current technical knowledge. This identifies where maintenance training is needed most. Then an action plan is developed to meet those needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Skills Assessment

Our process helps you validate the skill gaps and then identify where to start and how to best invest in employee development.

Business Aligned Training

Our assessment findings are used to customize a flexible training plan that addresses your organization’s needs.

Measurable Results

Training reduces equipment failures, develops technician confidence and independence, improves retention and job satisfaction – even overall safety.

hands-on training

Our hands-on classes are led by seasoned professionals in either our classrooms or at your manufacturing facility – at a time that fits into your team’s schedule. Technical troubleshooting is emphasized through our lab-based curriculum allowing technicians to exercise their troubleshooting capabilities in a safe and controlled classroom environment.

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training for a competitive edge

“We’ve been able to transform our electricians into multi-craft technicians.”


HR Manager, Leading Railroad Component Manufacturer


Online training

While technicians often learn best through hands-on learning, its beneficial to supplement with online training for continuous improvement and retention.  Our online technical training provides an important component in your maintenance training program that is easily accessible and trackable.

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61,000+ Hours

Of Training Received by ATS Maintenance Technicians in 2017

We believe in the importance of continuous improvement in our business and our people.  That’s why ATS invests in the development of our technicians skill sets with leading technologies – delivering our customers the highest level of service.

Supplemental Maintenance

Need Technicians Now? We Can Help.

Whether you need skilled technicians to handle short-term maintenance during a surge in production or to fill the deficiencies as a result of the skills gap, ATS has the resources where and when you need them. With thousands of maintenance technicians across the country, we are ready to take on any job.

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Comprehensive Maintenance Program

Proven Leaders in Reducing Manufacturing Waste.

Time is a precious resource in manufacturing. If machines aren’t running the factory isn’t making money. With ATS’ comprehensive maintenance program you will get optimized asset availability, reduced costs and continuous improvement through data-driven metrics and analytics.

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improve team performance

Interested in learning how our technical training classes can improve your maintenance team’s performance and job satisfaction?

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