Don’t Take a Risk with Unplanned Downtime

Burner replacements, burner repairs, and refractory brickwork are a fact of life in heat treat services. Worn and damaged brickwork raises your energy usage, reduces efficiency, and puts your operation at risk of major downtime events when not proactively monitored and addressed. Mechanical components require replacement to keep conveyors moving and doors operating.

Lack of Maintenance Sends Profits Up In Smoke

Cool down and warm up times for ovens can make scheduling preventative maintenance like crawl through inspections unwieldy to coordinate.  By working with ATS, you can have the confidence our team will make the most of this planned downtime. Unplanned burner replacements, roller repairs, and refractory repairs cause excess unplanned downtime that erodes your profitability.

ATS Maintenance Services for Heat Treat

Advanced Technology Services offers specialized heat treat services for the maintenance and repair of your equipment. Our team helps you keep your furnaces, quenches, tumblers and washers running smoothly to eliminate bottlenecks and unexpected delays. We offer refractory repairs, burner repair and burner replacement as well as other required maintenance services for all your heat treat equipment.

  • Refractory repair or replacement
  • Rollers repair and refurbishment
  • Burner repair or replacement
  • Mechanical components repair or replacement
  • Shell and box repairs
  • Rollers and mechanical components repairs and replacement
  • Door, breastplate and conveyor repair
  • Conveyor repair and redesign