As the leader of industrial maintenance services, ATS is rooted in reliability. We know the more insight you have into your equipment health, the more you’ll benefit from that knowledge. That’s why we’ve built a state-of-the-art technology center that analyzes current and ongoing machine performance data and provides the answers you need to keep production going.

What Is Reliability 360®?

ATS maintenance services utilizing Reliability 360® is the solution to your most complex operational challenges. Collecting and analyzing data in one centralized location through remote machine monitoring and targeted projects, Reliability 360® provides the key metrics and actionable insights necessary to reduce downtime, improve productivity and ensure on-time delivery.

Leveraging our technology-driven approach to remote industrial maintenance, ATS manages and monitors over 64,000 critical assets across many leading process and discrete manufacturers for improved asset performance.

The Innovation Behind Reliability 360®

The Reliability 360® Technology Center is designed around Industrial IoT, remote monitoring and sensor technologies drawing data from connected devices on your equipment and analyzing continuously. Real-time asset monitoring enables you to be notified of potential operational issues, well before they could affect production and require an unplanned shutdown. This predictive maintenance platform will provide insights into what maintenance or equipment adjustments are needed to avoid a failure.

The remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities of Reliability 360® use historical data as well as predefined benchmarks to determine whether current equipment functionality is within acceptable parameters. Our remote and on-site reliability engineers and maintenance experts provide you greater insights into your operations than ever before.  You can now solve production challenges with ease, control your maintenance spend, lower labor costs and increase the reliability and performance of your equipment.