Maintenance Multicraft Technicians

Solve labor shortages

ATS can provide industrial operators for critical production assets in any process and discrete manufacturing environment.

Increased Production

Increase production output

Having production and welder operators on the floor means your factory stays up and running and schedules are met.

Around the Clock

Around-the-clock support

We know how important uptime is so our production operator staffing is available to support your 1st, 2nd or 3rd shift operations.

Your productivity is our priority

Finding maintenance and operator support when you need it can be a constant struggle for manufacturers. No matter the cause, gaps in your workforce may result in increased downtime and missed production goals.

Our short-term industrial maintenance and operator support is designed for manufacturers working through a surge in production, labor shortages or other short-term challenges. Supplement your team with our reliable operator services so you can achieve higher productivity and flex to accommodate spikes in demand.

$7.3M in annual productivity gains

After struggling with months of uneven output, a major U.S. industrial manufacturer engaged ATS to handle all production aspects of an important product subassembly. ATS cross trained its personnel to perform material handling, operation, quality control, logistics, and supervision, in addition to routine maintenance.

In the first five months, ATS increased average daily builds of the subassembly by 27%. By the manufacturer’s own estimates, ATS operating/maintenance personnel were responsible for annualized productivity gains of nearly $7.3 million.

  • CPG Conveyers
    27% product increase
  • Engineering Boost Asset Reliability
    $7.3M annual productivity gains

Improve production output with our operator services

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