Maintenance Industry Equipment

Improved productivity

Optimizing manufacturing assets so production lines stay on schedule and production goals are met

HR Overcome Turnover

Increased reliability

Reducing manufacturing waste with plant maintenance management methods for greater asset reliability

Continuous Improvement Processes

eFactory Pro CMMS and business intelligence

Advanced technology at your fingertips

HR Benefit Training

SkillPoint™ technical training

Continuous internal training program in advanced CNC/PLC, electronic, mechanical, robotics and more

Better maintenance, higher productivity

Manufacturing plant maintenance services keep your industrial facility running as it should – producing quality output, minimizing downtime and creating efficiencies for your equipment and personnel. An effective industrial plant maintenance program is critical to ensuring that you can maintain optimal production levels by maximizing uptime, confirming that spare part inventory is properly managed and streamlining repair and maintenance processes.

We help manufacturers meet production demands and streamline their operations by maximizing equipment uptime, boosting overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), improving inventory management and introducing predictive technologies to eliminate costly unplanned downtime.


Comprehensive program

We partner with you to shift the ownership, leadership, workforce, recruiting and training responsibilities off your plate so you can focus on core competencies. We provide the expertise needed to keep your industrial plant running as smoothly as possible.

  • Increase machine availability, uptime and throughput
  • Reduce maintenance labor and material costs
  • Minimize total cost of ownership

Workforce program

Through our proven acquisition strategies, we provide you the skilled technicians and supervisors for your unique production environment. Industrial plant maintenance becomes much easier when you know you have the right people and experience working for you.

  • Experienced talent recruitment
  • Continuous technical training
  • Robust employee benefits

Short-term support & projects

Our short-term industrial plant services enable you to access support when and where you need it most from reliability experts and multi-craft technicians to machine operators.

  • Regional and national coverage
  • Proven talent acquisition and retention
  • Safety excellence

Industrial maintenance solutions

Resolving your maintenance challenges with our industrial technologies, skilled technical talent and best-in-class maintenance framework. Read about the proven solutions for maintenance of industrial plants and other services helping factories run better for the past three decades.

Maximize productivity & reliability

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Industrial maintenance resources

Stay up to date on the latest related manufacturing topics, trends and research from ATS thought leaders and industry experts.

Industrial plant services for manufacturers

Our maintenance solutions, MRO services and best-in-class processes deliver measurable results across process and discrete manufacturing, optimizing business functions across organizations.

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