A machine breakdown can cripple production, so the maintenance team needs replacement parts available 24/7 – they can’t wait for a supplier. But while such a system helps with fixing breakdowns quickly, it also ties up money and space. The MRO storeroom gets overfilled with parts that may never be used and inventory costs rise.

Today, forward-thinking manufacturers look for ways to optimize their MRO supply chain procurement processes through a supply chain management system that provides the necessary parts availability while driving down inventory costs. Dependable suppliers and short lead times are essential for to accomplish a cost savings without jeopardizing production.

Increasing confidence in MRO supply processes

The ATS Supply Chain & Procurement program is an approach to MRO supply that ensures critical spares can be obtained quickly, even for aging and obsolete machinery. By reviewing supplier portfolios, our program strives to get you the best possible pricing on your MRO inventory. Our emergency MRO procurement services operate 24/7, leading to shorter mean time to repair – bringing your machine back into service with limited productivity lost.

Finding value in the MRO purchasing process

The MRO procurement process offers numerous opportunities for value-add, efficiency and streamlining. Be sure to take steps such as creating clear and concise RFPs during the bid process; investigating the benefits and transparency of high-quantity RFPs for pricing structures; and developing the relationships with suppliers that can lead to mutually beneficial agreements such as spend commitments, rebates, training offers, crib crawls and more.

Also note that the RFP and bid process should rarely, if ever, be solely focused on price. By considering ancillary benefits such as those mentioned above, and focusing on suppliers that will provide the intangible yet invaluable benefits of exemplary service, you can uncover long-term benefits to the bottom line that may not be immediately apparent through a simple price comparison.

Precise procurement to extend equipment life

As machines age and manufacturers disappear, finding spare parts becomes a real challenge – it may seem like a new machine is the only option. But ATS procurement specialists are experts at sourcing those hard-to-find parts. We’ve licensed more than 400 legacy components from a range of machine manufacturers. This helps keep vital machinery in-service and preserves capital for other needs. If the parts can’t be found, our supply chain management services offer 3D printing as an innovative alternative.

Saving money, improving machine availability

Supply Chain & Procurement services apply best practices to your MRO supply chain management system. Implement as a standalone program to reduce expenditures and raise mean time to repair or combine with our other MRO asset management services to realize a greater positive impact to your manufacturing performance.