Optimizing machinery lubrication for higher efficiency and lower costs

Effective lubrication services keep rotating and reciprocating machinery in top condition. Lubricating oil carries away heat and contaminants while preventing damaging surface-to-surface contact. It’s the lifeblood of every production machine and a well-maintained lubrication system keeps machinery healthy.

That means fewer breakdowns and stoppages and less part-to-part variation, so quality improves. Taken together, the result is higher OEE, but that’s not all. Factory costs lower, production increases and more time can be spent on proactive maintenance work.

Protecting Assets, Improving Performance

Maintenance budgets are under pressure and everyone is trying to do more with less. Staffing levels are down and skilled positions are being lost to attrition. All too often it’s machinery lubrication that gets neglected. See some facts and figures here.

A professionally staffed machinery lubrication management program, as part of a comprehensive factory maintenance plan, overcomes this problem. Developed and run by lubrication engineers and industry experts, this approach uses best practices and appropriate management tools to ensure every machine gets exactly the service it needs. As part of a comprehensive maintenance plan, we offer machine lubricant services, including:

  • Optimization of lubricant selection, volume and frequency at each maintenance point
  • Oil analysis to identify wear patterns and deviation from normal operation as well as lubricant health and contamination levels
  • Application of latest industrial lubrication technologies – including delivery systems, filtration and contamination control accessories
  • Superior lubricant organization and storage

Professional Lubrication Management Services

An industrial lubrication program set up and run by ATS lets you do more with what you already have. By following lubrication best practices and using appropriate management tools, manufacturing facilities can attack the primary cause of equipment failure at its source. Reducing unplanned downtime and reactive maintenance helps increase productivity from existing equipment assets and personnel.

Lubricants and the equipment associated with them, need appropriate handling and storage. Following industry standards, the ATS lubrication service delivers safer, cleaner storage with correct labeling and good handling disciplines. Better lubricant management guards against environmental and safety risks and may even cut expenditures on oil and grease. Our technicians are MLT1/MLT2 certified and have all the necessary training to provide you with expert industrial lubrication services. We deliver total program management, from startup to overseeing your continuing operations.