Identify problem areas with a machine health assessment.

Is all your equipment in good working condition? Can you be sure machines will continue to meet production goals and consistently output product? Few manufacturers are that confident, which is why ATS developed our machine health inspection and assessment services.

Inspection: the foundation of reliable performance

Machine health assessments are the equivalent of a physical for your machinery. An experienced ATS machine inspection professional checks all major facets of your critical equipment to identify problem areas before they cause machine failures and unplanned downtime. This machine health inspection service is performed on critical or aging assets by identifying prioritized corrective actions and recovery recommendations. Machine health assessment points covered in our machine equipment inspections include:

  • Condition of belts and pulleys
  • Backlash in indexers and gears
  • Wear in moving parts
  • Lubrication analysis
  • Ball bar analysis
  • Laser Profiling
  • Electronic Leveling
  • Alignments

During an ATS-run machine inspection, any defects are noted and repairs can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. The first asset health check provides a valuable baseline for a future machine health inspection program – helping ensure reliable performance for the long-term.

Improved reliability

Micro-stoppages can have a big impact on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). They can also be precursors to bigger failures that put a machine or line out of production for hours, days or weeks – issues that can be avoided with proactive machinery health management. ATS’ machine equipment inspection and machine assessment services find these small machine health problems so they can be fixed before they lead to major breakdowns that bring production to a halt.

Higher quality

Worn equipment leads to increased part-to-part variation. If out-of-specification product is found before it leaves the factory, you’re looking at rework effort or scrap costs. If it reaches your customers you could be facing complaints, expensive warranty claims and a loss of business. Regular machine risk assessment and health checks on assets seem like a small price to pay in comparison.

Longer life

Major failures usually result from a cascade of small problems, which industrial machine assessment can identify. Worn bearings, frayed belts and overheating transformers can all lead to bigger issues. Finding and fixing them early through a comprehensive industrial machine assessment effort avoids the big breakdowns that can put a machine beyond economic repair. Let ATS watch over your assets’ health and be rewarded with improved uptime.