OSHA publishes safety requirements for crane maintenance and usage to ensure the safety and reliability of cranes and hoists. The regulations take up hundreds of pages in the Federal Register, attesting to how complex crane maintenance is, and how seriously it takes crane certification and maintenance.

If you’d rather be using your crane than maintaining it – or reading the Federal Register – we understand. That is why ATS offers crane-related services including: crane certification, crane inspection and crane repair services.

We Keep Your Cranes in Service — Safely and Reliably

As a crane maintenance company, we employ standardized tools and tasks to ensure your lifting equipment operates safely and reliably.  We offer periodic and frequent crane inspection and crane certification, consistently tracking to ensure inspections and certifications stay current. Preventative maintenance and proactive repairs are standard in our service program. From replacing critical components to rebuilding motors – crane repair from ATS can keep all your equipment in top lifting condition.