All-in-one condition monitoring

Our all-inclusive R360® Machine Health Monitoring includes the latest sensor technology that monitors vibration, temperature, current, pressure, humidity and more. It is driven by our team of condition monitoring experts that analyze the machine data and provide actionable steps to help you prevent unplanned downtime, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Our customers typically see the machine health monitoring program pay for itself in the first 90 days.

What can I expect in this demo?

  • Examples of the real-time alerts, dashboards and analytics tools
  • Learn our holistic data-driven approach to your operations & reliability programs
  • See how our solution provides measurable improvements and ROI

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End-to-end IIoT solution

Leveraging data insights through real-time monitoring, ATS drives enterprise-wide asset reliability.

No, you shouldn’t monitor every asset on the factory floor. This can cause an influx of unnecessary data and divert focus from critical assets. Instead, place sensors on key equipment, as recommended by ATS technicians and solution engineers during the comprehensive facility walkthrough.

Our sensors can monitor over 12 types of key performance indicators. Our team helps you determine the type of sensor needed, the ideal sensor placement and the number of sensors to best detect fluctuations in machine health.

Alerts can be customized to who, how and when you receive them. Delivery methods include email, text, dashboard notifications or a direct call from our team. When an alert is triggered, our team digs into the data at the monitoring point and asset level to pinpoint root cause.

You can rely on our specialized team of condition monitoring experts, including CAT III Vibration Analysts, at our centralized Reliability 360® Technology Center to analyze machine data and provide the on-site maintenance team recommendations on how to address the issue.

Our cost avoidance dashboard allows you to tailor cost avoidance calculations to fit your business. Typically, the program pays for itself within the first 90 days and customers see an average of 8x ROI.

Our Knowledge Base is an online hub for easy access to product information, new releases, training tutorials and expanded services and support for our Reliability 360® Machine Health Monitoring Solution.

Unplanned downtime holding up production?

With our machine health monitoring solution, the ability to identify potential failures has become a reality for one of our valued customers. Witness how our proactive approach enhanced their manufacturing process, ensuring maximum efficiency and reduced unplanned downtime.

We’ve got you covered

We monitor and have expertise in over 12 key performance indicators common across core production equipment in various manufacturing industries. These include, but are not limited to:





Power Consumption

Power alert





Lubrication Particulate



pH acidity

Air Quality

Air quality



Fluid Level

Fluid level



Flow Rate

Flow rate

“I can’t say enough good things about ATS.

I’m in daily communications with their reliability team and they answer all my questions and provide suggestions that improve my operational efficiency.”
– Reliability manager, leading cpg manufacturer

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