What is MRO?

MRO (maintenance, repair, and operating supply) are parts that are used in production. This can include plant upkeep supplies such as lubricants, spare parts, pumps, and cleaning supplies that are needed for equipment to produce goods.


Whether it be from faulty design or normal wear and tear, parts eventually fail. Being prepared and having a plan in place to remedy the issue is important to minimize downtime.

MRO parts repair management goes beyond simply replacing a broken part. When you focus on improving the reliability of every component and the machines they go into, you can capture and analyze the data to understand why that part failed and what can be done to prevent it from happening in the future.

Having a strong repairable parts management program is essential to manufacturing efficiency, extending the longevity of your assets and increasing the productivity of your equipment. From root cause analysis of failed parts to part rebuilds, emergency repairs, intensive warranty tracking and more, ATS’ Repairable Parts Management (RPM) delivers strategic on-site ownership — proactively eliminating waste, reducing costs, improving component reliability and optimizing your manufacturing performance.

In scenarios where part repair is not possible or not feasible, MRO spare parts on hand — where they need to be, when they are expected to be there — play a critical role in maximizing uptime and increasing overall operational efficiency.

By applying the same analytical, data-driven approach to spare parts management for maintenance, a comprehensive program can identify the parts that are most critical to uptime, as well as those subject to the most wear and tear. The program can also focus on an on-site inventory of those parts. This approach can speed repair and replacement time, reduce emergency repair costs, and direct inventory spend to maintenance parts management areas where it is needed most.

Our data-driven approach leads to a number of benefits for your plant, including:

  • Decreased downtime from fewer breakdowns
  • Less money tied up in spare parts inventory
  • Reduced spend on MRO parts
  • Extended asset life
  • Enhancing maintenance efficiency

Enhancing maintenance efficiency

Our RPM program will have a measurable impact on your MRO parts inventory management. Spare and replacement parts spending will fall, and longer component life will extend mean time between failures. Overall equipment effectiveness will increase, freeing maintenance resources for more proactive efforts. We’ll help you realize savings throughout the manufacturing process — providing end-to-end performance benefits. To discuss how our MRO parts repair management solution can help your operations, contact us today.