Mitigate risk and drive continuous improvement through equipment calibration

Think about the measurement devices in your factory. It’s not just calipers and gage blocks – it’s also oscilloscopes, voltmeters, scales, thermocouples and even power tools. Every device influencing product quality decisions must be calibrated. Inaccuracies in industrial equipment calibration lead to waste – even liability issues since calibration deficiencies are a common cause of audit non-conformance.

More than just equipment calibration

If it measures, it should be calibrated. If it’s damaged or out of calibration, it should be retired or repaired. With industrial calibration services from ATS, our experienced technicians perform industrial equipment calibration either on-site or in our accredited labs ensuring traceability to the relevant standards. Documentation is updated and advice given on calibration frequencies. When necessary, in addition to instrumentation calibration, our technicians can perform an extensive range of repair work.

ATS’ quality services extend beyond calibration and maintenance of equipment. In addition to providing industrial equipment calibration services, we manage calibration systems through our web-based eCalibration Pro package and can undertake gauge crib management. We can support and perform measurement systems analysis work, such as GR&R studies and SPC investigations and also offer a range of inspection services.

Accreditation and compliance


ATS’ equipment calibration services keep you compliant with formal system requirements from ISO-9001, IATF-16949, AS9100, to special processes like NADCAP.


Our labs operate under an ISO/IEC 17025 quality management system and have NIST-traceable measurement systems. This accreditation guarantees the technical competence of our people and the integrity of our systems.

Delegate calibration services to ATS experts

When processes are under control with consistent, reliable calibration maintenance, part-to-part variation stays within acceptable limits. That maximizes yields, minimizes waste and keeps customers satisfied. This stable state of affairs doesn’t happen by chance though. Equipment calibration and repair are complex tasks that take time.

When people don’t do them very often or lack appropriate training there’s a risk of costly mistakes. Sometimes an excess of caution results in more frequent calibration than is needed, taking resources any from other duties. Partnering with ATS for calibration services avoids these problems – ensuring a disciplined, methodical approach for consistent product quality.