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ATS Reduces Downtime by 63% for Snack Food Manufacturer



A leading snack food manufacturer’s output was missing one valuable ingredient: reliability. Unplanned downtime, primarily due to equipment breakdowns, was a significant problem at the company’s flagship location. Skilled maintenance technicians were hard to come by and a high turnover rate was causing routine maintenance tasks to fall deeply behind schedule.

The manufacturer realized it would be difficult to fully staff its own qualified maintenance team and began to search for outside resources for best-in-class maintenance.


The ATS Comprehensive Maintenance Solution has resulted in a long-standing partnership that provides the people, processes and reliability necessary for a measurable impact. The solution placed heavy emphasis on moving from a reactive to a proactive maintenance environment and helped transition the operation from run-to-failure to a data-driven strategy.

The manufacturer’s maintenance team was also able to stabilize and grow through a mix of existing ATS talent and recruitment supported by ATS’s SkillPoint™ Technical Training Program.


  • Preventive maintenance completion rates increased to over 85%
  • Unplanned machine downtime reduced by 63%
  • The rate of maintenance worker retention rose to 96%
  • Manufacturer now utilizes a proactive, data-driven strategy
  • Direct cost savings associated with reduced downtime is estimated to be hundreds of thousands of dollars annually
“ATS has the knowledge, processes and recruiting expertise to find top-level talent. When a critical machine is down, ATS is there, no matter what time of day. This team is committed.” – Chief operating officer