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Industrial Asset Management and MRO

MRO Asset Management Solution

Our on-site MRO Asset Management Solution, ATS Drive™ is designed to positively impact the performance of not just your storeroom, but also your manufacturing equipment, your production output – and ultimately your bottom line.

Our commitment to reliability begins with best practices for storeroom management using lean manufacturing methods followed by dependable, optimized inventory management, root cause analysis and advanced supply chain controls.

ATS Drive™ encompasses four interconnected services, tailored to our customer’s needs, executed individually or in any combination for an integrated MRO solution.

Only 20%

Rate their Current MRO as “Very Successful”

In a recent Plant Engineering survey, only 20% of respondents rated their facility’s MRO performance as “very successful.”

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we are committed to

driving manufacturing performance forward

By approaching MRO from a reliability standpoint, ATS has saved companies of all sizes – even some of America’s industrial giants – millions of dollars, year after year, while also increasing production efficiency and ROI.

Asset Productivity

Our solution eliminates maintenance process waste which improves manufacturing performance. Using cutting edge methods including root cause analysis, reliability engineering, warranty management, and even 3-D printing, we take MRO to a whole new level of productivity.

Improved Uptime

By performing preventative maintenance and root cause analysis, we maximize uptime through reduced parts failures. It drives expanded machine life, production insights, reduced downtime and improved manpower utilization.

Cost Reduction

We provide you bottom line profitability by driving maintenance and operational efficiency to eliminate manufacturing waste.  Our team’s focus is to continuously improve plant performance and provide you increased cost savings.

thought leadership

Storeroom Best Practices: 3 Big Payoffs Toward Achieving Manufacturing Efficiency

If you’re like many manufacturing organizations, you diligently focus your time on core competency areas while areas labeled “necessary evils,” like the management of your parts storeroom, fall to the wayside. But there is much to be gained by shifting the paradigm to leveraging storeroom excellence as a competitive advantage.

Some of the world’s leading companies count on our MRO expertise and data-driven analytics to minimize downtime and improve asset productivity.


“Outsourcing parts management lets us do what we are really good at.  It goes beyond stocking parts. It’s about the accuracy of the inventory. We put intelligence into the process.”


Jim Hawk, President, Toyo Tire U.S.A


Focused, yet flexible across multiple industries

We are leaders in industrial maintenance and MRO, focusing on seven key industries across the manufacturing spectrum. Yet we can adapt our expertise to serve new industries and their unique production assets and manufacturing environments.

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Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need a service provider that goes where you are. With a large network of U.S. and globally based locations and service centers we have the infrastructure to provide the services you need, when and where you need them.

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