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Maintenance Employment Cost Comparison: What you need to know


If you are having difficulties finding, training, and retaining maintenance talent, you are not alone. Manufacturers are faced with regular shortages of skilled technical personnel. It is a situation that has many companies turning to partners for technical talent. However, some are still hesitant due to economic misperceptions.It can be assumed that partner-provided maintenance costs are higher than in-house maintenance costs. However, when you look at what makes up the total cost of an employee, you will realize that partnering with a maintenance service provider is very comparable to hiring direct or using a staffing agency, but with the added benefits of a proven technical skill set.

Total costs of one employee

By partnering with an outsourced maintenance provider, the value you will receive goes beyond cost savings:

  • Alleviates the need for hiring, on-boarding, performance reviews, and developmental costs
  • Minimizes conversion fees and turnover costs
  • Reduces safety incidents and costs
  • Provides greater reliability, productivity, and profitability
Hourly cost of employee

The value of using an experienced outsourced maintenance provider in place of direct hires or a broad-spectrum staffing company is compounded by alleviating persistent challenges. When partnering with these companies, you can expect:

  • Resolved workforce shortages and skills gaps with a ready pool of skilled technical talent including senior-level technicians
  • High fill rates, low lead times and coverage of all hiring and relocation costs
  • Full transparency of individual technician performance, skill levels and developmental progress
  • Dedicated supervision to ensure safety of both outsourced and internal personnel

As a leader in reliability-centered industrial maintenance and MRO services, maintenance experts at Advanced Technology Services can help you realize the above benefits and more. Having ATS as your long-term partner ensures you will have ready access to a wide network of maintenance experts who are trained on the latest technologies, strategies, standards, certifications and regulatory requirements, with an embedded zero-incident safety culture. To learn more about how we can help resolve your skilled workforce challenges, contact us today.

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