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Our mission

With our proven standardized processes and technology-focused solutions, our team of reliability experts work together to help your factory run better and smarter.

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Our delivery

We help extend the life of your critical assets through our people, processes and technologies – providing you increased productivity and cost savings.

Our journey to beyond zero

At ATS, safety ties into everything we do but we knew safety needed to go beyond the factory walls. Through the integration of a new safety excellence program, our employees can holistically improve their overall wellbeing.


Our commitment to filling the skills gap

We continually invest in the development of our technician skill sets. With our multi-craft talent workforce and training programs, we can meet your specific equipment needs.


Predictive maintenance insights

Implementing an effective predictive maintenance program is a common struggle amongst manufacturers. In this report, over 100 manufacturers were surveyed — find out why they are moving towards condition-based monitoring and how it could benefit your plant too.

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