A Message of Support from Our CEO, Jeff Owens

At Advanced Technology Services (ATS), supporting our employees, customers and communities is core to our culture.

We all know that business can be volatile, but the challenges we are facing today are unprecedented.  We find ourselves dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and adjusting our lives in ways that were unthinkable just a short time ago.  How will our kids continue to learn?  How do we keep our people and business healthy?  What do we need to do to pivot and think differently to successfully navigate these challenges?

Communication is so important in challenging times.  We have stayed in constant contact with our customers and are experiencing a very high level of cooperation with them.  At times like this the real character of people emerges, and I am seeing examples of remarkable character from virtually everyone we work with.  Our employees, customers, partners and suppliers are working together to solve problems and get through this difficult period.  Cooperation and a can-do attitude is resonating throughout our business.  I am so proud of the ATS team and how they are helping each other and our customers to navigate these challenging times.  With so much going on and the situation evolving so quickly, I wanted to share some thoughts about supporting our people, the manufacturing industry and our economy.

Supporting Our People

From the onset of this crisis, our top priority has been the health and safety of our employees and customers while maintaining a consistent level of high-quality service. Like many companies, in order to limit exposure, we have implemented work from home policies wherever possible.  For our employees whose roles cannot be home-based, our Human Resources and Safety teams are working closely with them and our customers to keep everyone safe while they work diligently to keep critical manufacturing operations running to support the needs of our communities and economy.

Supporting Our Customers

During this unpredictable time, it is important that we continue to evolve and figure out new ways to solve problems.  We need to utilize technology and unique approaches to help solve the problems that our manufacturing customers are experiencing.  We also need to move quickly and be willing to change as the situation continues to evolve.  Our mission is to make factories run better.  That mission is more important than ever – our communities are counting on manufacturing to produce the products that our society and economy needs to survive.  ATS has great people, processes and technologies that are all focused on maintaining and improving the productivity of critical manufacturing assets. We have a proven track record in providing the highest level of service and safety to our customers when and where they need it.

 Our On-Site and Remote Maintenance Support Includes:

It is important that we all do what is necessary to stay healthy so we can deliver the critical services to support the manufacturing infrastructure that our society needs right now.  All of us working together to solve problems and keep critical manufacturing operations running is what ATS is all about.  Let’s all keep a positive/can do attitude as we navigate these very difficult times.

Jeff Owens, CEO

Advanced Technology Services, Inc.